SERMON: Communities of Resistance & Hope

A sermon on Revelation 13 & 22, Given at Edward Rd Baptist Church 21/06/15.


IDIOCY & SINCERITY: Men and the Feminist Struggle

Further thoughts developed out of a workshop I did at the Christian Feminist Network‘s 2014 Conference.


Why the Christians Should Join the Feminist Struggle…

Regarding the new wave of feminism in the light of mass culture, idolatry and the gaze. This essay is written in the hope that Christian leaders, movements, churches and groups will begin to publicly back the No More Page 3 campaign which is currently gaining force.


Why We Left the Venues and Took to the Streets…

From early 1012. Why the Army of the Broken Hearted only ever intended to play in public spaces…


A Short Lecture on The Book: Kingdom vs. Empire

Here’s a very short lecture I gave at the Kingdom vs. Empire launch night, about some of the ideas behind the book… (17/09/2013)


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