K-vs-E-Book-Cover-730x1024Kingdom vs Empire (2013)  (paperback version available here)

‘This is a stunning looking and rich piece of work – thoughtful and thought-provoking, a real work of art in the broadest and best sense.’ – Kester Brewin, Author of Other, andThe Complex Christ

‘Benjamin Blower’s exposure of the market’s ‘benevolent hand’ & the media’s ‘phallic gaze’ in Kingdom vs. Empire unravels the power of the West. [This] mindset-breaking, counter-cultural little book is a skilfully crafted tool for life. Read it & be moved.’  – Roger Haydon Mitchell, Author of Church, Gospel and Empire, and The Fall of the Church

My first book began life as liner notes for an Army of the Broken Hearted album. The eleven chapters correspond with the eleven songs. Its a piece of social theory, of Christian mysticism, and of literary violence… a big Ginsberg/Dworkin scream in the ear. I shouldn’t think I’ll ever write anything like it again.


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