Babylon is Dead Vol#3

Plugged in my music computer a few days ago to start recording the new project and I found this – a song from Babylon is Dead Vol#3, which will never get finished.

I think it was recorded 2011, in the thick of financial collapse (“the party animals are saying that the party is over. But whose party was it anyway?”) and the riots, occupy protests that followed (“But behold, the empire’s endless sameness has been broken and a brand new word has been spoken…”).

I love how redundant it sounds now. In 2004 when I made Glass & Tears it was all about how numbing and passive life in the West was, and how difficult it was to care about or believe in anything. Now there’s protest, dissent, hope and hunger for change all over the place. People are fighting for things because they believe those things are worth fighting for. I know it’s full of mess and contradiction, but the pervading numbness of the last decade is over. There is a sustained awakeness underneath those radicalised spectacles of the last few years, I think.

I recall reading Leonardo and Clodovis Boff saying that Liberation theologies don’t last forever, because they respond to life on the ground, and by God’s grace life on the ground changes.



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