The new album by the Army of the Broken Hearted, with its accompanying book, will be released on Friday 30th of August.

K vs E Album Cover 

The album will be released by dear friends on the Minor Artists label.

The launch party for the album/book will be at the Bull’s Head in Moseley, Birmingham, on Tuesday 3rd of September.


The book is 100 pages of liner notes to the record. The 11 chapters each correspond with the 11 songs. This is the second ABH album, and we hope to make a somewhat sprawling tour of venues and alleyways over the next 6 months or so. Perhaps do some book readings here and there.

I think our strange innovations in the arts scene have been efforts to make our work really mean something to the real lives of real people. So it was for that sort of reason that I wrote a book to go with this album. I hope it gives a framework to re-envision everyday life (albeit a somewhat mystic and poetic one), and some mental tools to help us approach things differently. Few people have radically changed their lives just because of a record…

More details on everything soon…


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