The Last Noises of Zang

Zang, the little indie label I’ve been part of for the last decade – that came out of nowhere and went nowhere – is now shut down altogether. The story should be told properly another time… once it’s drifted a little bit further into mythology.

In the meantime we got all our spare change to put out there before we finished. I would like to mention two items in particular…

One is this, the TV Heads video for Hey Hey Babylon is Dead! My brother, who is also the creator of TV head, shot it some four years ago or thereabouts. I actually forgot we’d done it until a few years later Rob showed me an edit, and then it was vaulted in a Prince like habit that had become common in Zang. We’d often make things and then just not do anything with them for lack of any clarity about the point of spewing more music and videos into a world long since drowned in music and videos. And what of the catch 22 of irony and hypocrisy that is inevitable when TV head is filmed? Is it a parody of a music video… or a music video’s parody of a parody of a music video? I don’t know. Babylon is Dead vol#1 and vol#2 are both still up there going free…

The other is the first song on the free album So Long, Goodbye, Farewell, I Love You, or whatever it’s called. The song is the last and maybe the greatest University of the King song ever made. It was part of a failed attempt to make a hip hop commentary on the Book of Numbers, which is one of the less traveled parts of the Hebrew Bible. An oddly tragic book. The second verse is just the list of names in chapter 13, which never looked like material for a hip hop song, but it really is. A nod to the UotK album that never happened. It would’ve been really something, but there it is.


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