In all of the excitement recently I have managed to release an album almost without noticing myself. It’s called Exiles and it involves contributions from some of the people I admire the most: Kate Blower, Naomi Haworth and Selina Blakeney. Here’s a song from it…

This record tells the story of the decline and eventual fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586 BC, the seventy years of exile, and then the attempt to rebuild their civilisation afterwards.

To break the story down a bit….

The steady descent into decadence, corruption, social decay and political posturing was courageously well recorded by their own pens. The record follows the story of that unrelenting critic Jeremiah, who was thrown down a well for his gloomy commentary.

The years in exile follow the bright young men who were (probably) immasculated by the Babylonians in order to serve their empire as Eunuchs.

And lastly, it follows their return to the ruins of Jerusalem as old men and women, and their attempt to rebuild. They could never really recapture what was gone, but what they captured in the process of trying was a historical story that would redefine all subsequent history.

Why did I think this story so important right now? Lots of reasons…

In other news Lizzy Piffany has been filming everything the Army of the Broken Hearted have been doing recently for one of her Moseley folk documentaries. Here we are playing at some post-everything, Blair Witch, bad weather, cider fuelled nightmare.

In other, other news, After ten years our old label Zang Productions is shutting down. Sad news. For a big ending we’ve made an advent calender Christmas Jukebox.

Lastly, I just finished the second draft of the book I’m writing with the next ABH record. More on that later…


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