ABH Action 06/10/12


At noon on Saturday 6th October we will be in Birmingham city centre near the brass bull on New Street making a public spectacle of the Sun’s Page Three. If you want to be part of it, all you have to do is:

1. Show up at the said time and place.

2. Bring a copy of the Sun.*

3. Bring some black tape to make crosses over your eyes.

4. When I shout “no more page three”… you just shout it right back.

If people want to talk to us about it – good. If we get any abuse or what have you, we’ll stay silent.

I also recommend making the tape less sticky by sticking it to your clothes a few times. We don’t want anyone losing their eyebrows…

After one hour we’ll disperse.

Grace and peace



* JR below rightly points out that weekend copies of the Sun don’t have page three photos (because of the newspaper’s deep concern for children and families(?)). If you can get hold of a weekday copy, then good. If not, don’t worry; any copy of the Sun will do, just as long as its the Sun..


10 thoughts on “ABH Action 06/10/12

  1. I’m sure you can find a free copy of The Sun in most toilets. Actually I think I mean bog roll. Well almost the same thing.

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